Exotic Carts

Exotic carts, cereal carts, or dank vapes all has a very good role in your body you may also want to know about Which is better dank Vapes or exotic carts?

Great article about fake exotic carts

Whats your experience with exotic carts cartridges? I heard people having chest pains from vaping them.

You should be careful with all carts you buy, even those that are not fake. There is a change in testing procedures in CA as of the beginning of the year (2019) where heavy metals are a part of the results. A LOT of Carts are testing positive for lead. There is also a grandfather clause where the dispensaries can sell carts made before the changes even though heavy metals were not tested.

Because some are supposing the lead being found is due to the make up of the cartridge itself rather than in the cannabis used to fill it, many have been inhaling something that can make you stupid. Permanently. One problem is a theory the terps interacting with the cart’s metal parts is freeing up some heavy metal and testing at manufacture might not catch the problem.

are exotic  safe? You might hold on to them for a little if they’re not filled. As I wrote, one theory is the lead is leached from the metal because of the terpenes. If they find that is the case, filling and using within a short time might not be enough contact time to get much lead into the oil. If you have any investment in the stuff, put it in a baggie in the back of a closet and wait until someone comes up with the probable mechanism for the contamination. (Hopefully, a timeline of safety as well.)

Which is better dank Vapes or exotic carts?Although the oil is denser on the  Carts, it does lack terpenes as mentioned earlier. This may be the reason the oil is dense, whereas Dank Vapes oil is lightly thinner. The Carts oil is decent and does move slowly. if you’re looking for just a nice high, yet harsh flavors, Exotics would be better

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