Northern Light(1/4 pound)

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A strongly Indica hybrid of two classic Amsterdam commercial hybrids, this strain was actually bred in Denver, Colorado. Short-flowering and stocky, it will generally form a strong main cola if left untopped. Both parent strains are known for being easy to grow and mold/pest-resistant, so this is a good beginner strain.

Northern Lights #5 x Ice

Floral, spicy, and lightly skunky

Hints of grapefruit — piney citrus with a spicy bent and an earthy aftertaste

A fairly strong starter, this strain is rather relaxing physically but also has quite a strong Skunk-influenced head effect. It’s not too potent to inhibit function, but it’s definitely a nighttime type of strain due to its relaxing comedown, which leads easily into sleep. It aids with muscle relaxation, gives a mood uplift, helps with minor pain, and increases appetite, making it a solid choice for patients who desire a relaxing Indica.

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  1. Rodriquez

    A1 bud🔥

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