marathon og strain

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This robust marathon og strain features your favorite earthen and lemony spice with each exhale, get a 20% discount for any purchase from our dispensary. the best sales at cannabisdispensarylove.This is the weed you smoke when you are at home looking for a relaxing day.

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marathon og strain

This robust marathon og strain features your favorite earthen and lemony spice with each exhale, which give you a few minutes of warning before a heavy-hitting physical stone blows all five senses.

Hey guys, today we’ll be talking about one of this year’s most popular weed strains, the Marathon OG by Cure Company. As many of you should know this cannabis strain was created and popularized by late rapper Nipsey Hussle and the people at Cure Company.

Together they made a tremendous looking and tasting strain with dense buds with a heavy layer of trichomes. During your smoke session of Marathon OG you should be able to taste earthy and lemon spices with each exhale. After a few minutes, you will feel a heavy-hitting and relaxing mental and physical stone blow to all five senses.

This weed is not to smoke before you go to a family gathering or to the club. This is the weed you smoke when you are at home looking for a relaxing day. It is  definitely our best selling strain that we deliver daily.

This is a must-try flower to have on your list! It is truly one of the best OG strains on the market right now. You cannot go wrong with Marathon OG.



“Pot had the ability to slow down time, Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense.“It makes me super-horny because I’m so relaxed. It’s akin to vacation sex.” Elizabeth


So, does marijuana really boost libido?  The overwhelming consensus of many people self-taught experts, medical doctors and researchers is YES!  There is a minority of people disagree that though; Marijuana puts some of them to sleep or makes ’em paranoid.


“Smoke too much – or find a strain that’s Indica-dominant – and you might find yourself too burnt out to f*ck.”


Could Marijuana be part of your problem


We think further debate would be fruitless; If YOU and your partner think the orgasm/s was/were better, more sensual, faster, harder, taller, gruesomer, eclectic or awesome, isn’t that all that matters?   According to a research study, about 75 percent of toking participants reported an increase in the duration and intensity in their sexual experiences.  As they say in Canada, Pot’s great for Beaver hunting, and even better for Beaver cooking.


“The CB1 receptor in our nervous system cells that are activated by THC seems to be involved in improving tactile sensations and general OMG euphoria”  – Dr. Mitch Earleywine


Notable Marijuana Strains With Romantic Names

  • Fucking Incredible
  • Alaska Thunder Fuck
  • Burmese Fucking Incredible
  • Matanuska Thunder Fuck
  • Goodbutt
  • Afghan Bullrider
  • Voodoo


“Do you want Thunder Fuck or Afghan Bullride – or both?”


What are the Sexiest Strains?

Wisdom from the Street  … So, what pot strains are especially good or bad for sex?

  • Strains with a 70/30 percent hybrid ration are better than 100 percent pure strains
  • Pure Sativas can cause extreme effects like paranoia
  • Pure Indicas can cause sleepiness especially for rookies
  • Imported Hash is getting a lot of rave reviews from people that know something
  • Sativa are uplifting and awakening.- it gets you going.good for “horizontal dancing.”
  • Sativa- Romeo & Nymph choices alike are Flo” and “Skunk #1
  • Indicas Blueberry is a favorite to relax the muscles, brain, leads to more fulfilling sex


Terri Talks (in no way related to Ted)

Terri talks about a strain that brought about a “life changing” experience.  “Then about two weeks ago I was given this different strain—Purple Tangie*. My husband was out of town at the time, so I used it, and I started touching myself, and everything changed. I could feel everything all at once. I just began enjoying my entire body. The feeling … it was life changing.”


Note: Purple Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with THC levels of 16 to 20% – is commonly associated with euphoria, happy and energetic feelings.



SKYWALKER – Indica-dominant hybrid relaxing medicine, anti  PTSD, encourages flirtation.

VOODOO – Sativa -long-lasting and stress-relieving but sexually energising.

Weedmpas talk about marathon og strain;

The canna-pros at The Cure Company collaborated with Nipsey Hussle to produce this exclusive joint venture:

Grown to perfection, this Indica cultivar was named after a series of classic mixtapes produced by the rapper.

This robust OG features your favorite earthen and lemony spice with each exhale, which give you a few minutes of warning before a heavy-hitting physical stone blows all five senses.

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44 reviews for marathon og strain

  1. Kingsley Bashir

    Tested and trusted

  2. Angela

    I’m writing to thank y’all for the marathon og is purchased here and tbh I love the quality especially as it helps me out on my back pain and depression

  3. Anderson

    Super cool

  4. Anderson

    Super cool

  5. Tylerchris

    RIP to a legend .. Nip the great .. great smoke from a great person ..

  6. Ann

    This is by far the best strain I ever had

  7. Henry

    RIP Nipsey and thank you for leaving behind this flower. Its bomb…just like you!

  8. Varo Ben

    The smell is amazing, smokes good with the perfect high.

  9. Timmy

    absolutely sticky and smells like no other with good flavor and smell. the high is there for sure. came back for more and never disappointed in the flower and the cure company service is top notch and clean atmosphere. returning customer

  10. Ramsey

    Best weed ever! Taste. Feel. Experience. All 10a!!!

  11. Honcho

    I bought marathon OG , it was fire 🔥🔥. Damn near perfect body high. It was pricey for 28 grams but worth it.

  12. Perry

    So at first when he told me what it was I thought to myself “mfs will name weed anything these days 🤣” ..then I googled it and was dumbfounded 🤦🏿‍♂️ I had no idea. Upon opening the lemony smell mixed w earthy was A1 I had to look in amazement for a sec for Rollin up…

  13. Godfrey

    Can’t get enough of this strain 💨

  14. Grey

    Top shelf

  15. James


  16. Priest

    Damn that shit cool ✊

  17. Drezzy

    Thanks 🙏

  18. Jayne


  19. Buddy lee

    Good smoke

  20. Haris Jean

    Perfect high

  21. Shawn Dre


  22. Calvin cranes


  23. Granting Fernandez

    Good smoke.RIP Nipsey hustle

  24. Marinez

    Appreciate the love

  25. James

    Great flavor

  26. Fernando

    Awesome 👏

  27. Sugasofly


  28. Tyson

    All good

  29. Anthony Eduardo

    Shit high asf

  30. Hendrix

    RIP Nipsey

  31. Splendid strain


  32. Maria


  33. El Dinero

    Tested and trusted

  34. Dank head

    Thanks guys received package earlier this morning

  35. Kelly Rodriquez

    Appreciate the quality

  36. Kristopher Martins

    I was alittle skeptical at first but he they actually made me feel good about purchasing. Great communication and fast delivery 👍👍👍👍

  37. Alberic Jonas

    Thanks for making me and my wife happy

  38. Andy Spencer’s

    Best grade🤩

  39. Spencer’

    Perfect high

  40. ClemSsoTreiSe

    Good quality

  41. Randy Franks

    I need more on Monday I love the quality.

  42. Ashley Johnson

    Thanks cannabis dispensary love

  43. Angelo Frank

    Good business

  44. Jr Roderick

    Hail Nipsey this shit is OG

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