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The first true commercial hybrid ever stabilized, it came from California by way of Sam the Skunkman following his release from prison in 1982. Skunk #1 is a disease and pest-resistant strain that has been bred into countless strains and forms the backbone of much of the Dutch commercial market. The plant itself is a good producer, exhibiting much hybrid vigor and a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, making trimming a breeze.

Acapulco/Mexican Gold x (Colombian Gold x Afghani)

There is a massive story about Skunk #1 from Outkast Seeds, which can be found at the following link: It details the early breeding history and lineage of Skunk #1, the difficulty in stabilization of the Colombian Gold x Afghani side of the equation, the bust of Sacred Seeds and the recovery of seed stock and importation to Holland which followed.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of Skunk varieties do not smell skunky, but rather a pungently sweet and slightly fruity smell. The Dutch and BC Skunks are especially sweet, often carrying an element of creamy citrus. The original Skunk #1 that was favored by the American breeders was thought to possess more of the real skunk smell.

Lightly sweet with a thick, strong smoke, Skunk #1 isn’t really known for its taste, but its mix of sweet and hashy flavors is a callback to the early origins of commercial marijuana.

Relaxing yet mentally uplifting, Skunk #1 will elevate mood while keeping the user mostly close to the couch. It provides good pain relief and muscle relaxation qualities while making the user a little bit slow mentally. This is the standard “high” feeling mixed with some of the sedative elements thanks to the Afghani.

Grow Medium:
Grows well in soil or hydro but the best taste is achieved through organic soil means. It grows stout and has an Indica-dominant structure, with dense buds, while the Sativa elements contribute a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and hybrid vigor.

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